At our school, we are dedicated to providing our students with the highest level of music education. Experienced teachers here at Toronto Piano may differ in education and hobbies, but they share one passion: music! 


Born in Manchester, England, Stephanie received her ARCT Piano Performance Diploma in 2012, studying with her parents Shirley and Ka Kit Tam. She started playing the cello in 2011, studying with William Findlay and Andras Weber, and is now studying under the tutelage of John Helmers, working towards her Gr. 10 RCM Cello. Stephanie has had many years of experience teaching the piano to all ages, ranging from 4 years old to adult-beginners.

Stephanie is currently in her last year of studies at the University of Waterloo in the Science and Business program, and plans to continue post-graduate studies at Wilfred Laurier University in the Masters in Music Therapy program.

Apart from her studies, she shares passion for writing with the school community as a reporter and proof-reader for Imprint (UWaterloo newspaper). She is also a member of the cello section in Orchestra@UWaterloo and the Chinese Artists Society of Toronto (CAST) semi-professional Orchestra, and CAST Philomusica. Stephanie is also a frequent performer at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, performing in chamber groups with professionals including Prof. Thomas Williams, Eva Svensson, William Findlay, Sergei Nikonov and Julian Knight (members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra). In the summer of 2013, she took part in a music tour in China, with the Ontario Youth Orchestra, performing all over China, including the Beijing Conservatory of Music among others. Over the years, she has won numerous awards at Kiwanis Music Competitions, Arts Richmond Hill Music Festival, and North York Music Festival.

In her spare time, she enjoys making music with her siblings and friends. Aside from her interest in music, she is also an avid learner of languages, speaking English, Italian, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

KAREN FINDLAY (Piano and Group)

Karen is a very passionate teacher who encourages her students to perform to the best of their ability. She has been playing the piano since she was 7 years old and enjoys playing in a wide range of genres. Karen enjoys song writing and recording original pieces. She has recorded a CD showcasing a variety of different pieces for weddings and other special occasions. She is also part of a band that plays mainly rock and pop tunes from 1950’s-modern day selections.

Karen studied Music at York University and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She also received her Bachelor of Education for the Junior/Intermediate Division specializing in Instrumental Music. She has completed her Grade 10 in Piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Karen has experience teaching music at several private schools throughout Durham Region. She has experience teaching grades Kindergarten-Grade 8. Karen has had the opportunity to design and implement her own music program. She always creates an engaging and respectful classroom through developing a strong rapport with students. She has gained new insights working with students from various backgrounds and has learned how to modify and differentiate lessons in order to meet the needs of her individual students. She is interested in inspiring lifelong learners and she believes in sharing her own love and experience of music with all of her students.

Emma Clarke (Piano)

Emma Clarke is a pianist, composer and music teacher inspired by musicians such as Laila Biali and Audrey Assad. She received her Bachelor of Music in jazz piano from Humber College in 2016 and is studying towards her ARCT with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her compositions are featured on several recordings including her recent EP, Thirty-Seven, and the fresh edition of Humber College's New Standards. Emma has taught privately, at Alexander’s Music Studio and at Pickering Christian School and will be teaching at Canada Christian College for the 2016-2017 school year. She has a special love for beginning students and is passionate about music theory!

KEN LAI (Piano)

Ken Lai is a dedicated and encouraging teacher who has many years of experience teaching many different styles of music. Among his favorites are pop and classical. Ken has been teaching piano for over 20 years and has had students ranging from ages seven to 65. He was even a Yamaha Clavinova demonstrator in Hong Kong before he moved to Canada. Ken has completed his RCM qualifications.

Ken strongly believes that if you put your mind into learning a song, you can learn anything! If you believe in yourself, you can learn it. Ken encourages students to learn what they want to learn while still following the traditional piano instruction. It is never too late to learn!


Since 1995 Kathy has been a vocal coach. As a private singing and performance coach, Kathy has taught hundreds of students and has done many voice training workshops for groups.

Singing is a powerful form of communication which connects to our sense of well-being. When we study and practice things related to the musical voice, we address the use of proper vocal technique for long-term vocal health, maintenance and improvement. Engaging one’s voice improves confidence and encourages self-discovery. Singing actually fosters leadership skills and offers an opportunity to be creative. As a voice teacher I strive to empower my students, to instill a sense of joy while vocalizing and welcome the routine of practice and commitment. Every student is a unique individual and it is my role to deliver lessons in a way that each student can successfully connect with in their own special way.

Kathy was a vocal major for three years in the Humber College Music Program in Toronto, and studied with various singing teachers privately. Kathy is a Certified Teacher of Adults and an Advanced Bronze public speaker with Toastmasters Int’l and is a graduate of the National Institute of Broadcasting. She studied animation voice acting in Los Angeles and Toronto, and Comedy Improv at Second City and Theatresports. Kathy has studied coaching using the Gestalt Method. In 2015 Kathy completed Level 2 of the music therapy course called MUSICARES, Room 217 Foundation.

VICTORIA LAAKSO (Vocal and Piano)

Victoria has been teaching music for 20 years. Having taught all ages; she has enjoyed working with others to explore the love of music and see the richness it brings to life. Her musical styles of interest include classical, gospel, sacred, pop and Broadway. She has performed these in voice and piano. Royal Conservatory of Music training and exam preparation are her forte in the areas of piano and theory. Her education includes an Honours BA, as well as a Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 10 in piano and is at Grade 10 in vocal. For Victoria, teaching is a great source of joy and rewarding on many levels.


Leah has been trained in piano since the age of 6. She has received the Grade 10 RCM qualifications and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Toronto. She has a love and passion for all kinds of music, but the Romantic Style remains her favourite. To further her music education, she is continuing her musical studies in classical guitar. She has been teaching piano for many year and enjoys teaching students of all ages!

Leah believes that music can be learned at any age! She believes that the three key ingredients to music success are enjoyment, dedication and willingness. Lessons are tailored to each individual’s student’s needs, skill level and age. Leah believes that nurturing the love of music through proper piano pedagogy techniques, encouragement and patience in each student, is just one of the many rewarding joys of teaching piano!


LESLIE BEST (Piano, Vocal)

Leslie began taking music lessons over 20 years ago. This is one of the reasons why she attributes music as an integral role in her overall development. To date, Leslie  is working towards her ARCT qualifications. She enjoys a wide range of music genres and is an avid seeker of new artists from around the world to serve as inspiration for herself and her students. Leslie affirms that music can be learned at any age as long as the student is willing to learn. 

Leslie strongly believes in not only guiding her students, but also working with them to ensure that their learning experience is individualized. In each lesson, she combines practical study and theory along with coherent instruction, encouragement and patience to bring out the best in each student.

JEAN HE (Piano)

Jean was accepted to both Juilliard and Manhattan Music Pre-School in New York. Since the age of 5, classical music has been Jean's strenght. By the age of 13, she was already studying privately under numerous professors. In addition to an education in piano,  Jean has also participated in piano competitions and performances, receiving a plethora of awards. She graduated from York University with an Honours degree in music. Aside from teaching at Toronto Piano, Jean is a piano accompaniment for other performers in concert halls. 




Julian was born into a family of musicians, who helped build his musical foundation. At the age of 12, he was inspired to pick up the guitar and has loved the instrument since then. Today, he draws inspiration from his favourite musicians such as John Williams, Julian Bream, and Andres Segovia. Julian has studied under the instruction of classical guitarist Robert Hamilton, whose technical demands strengthened Julian's skill. 

Having received his ARCT, Julian has performed in numerous recitals and competitions throughout Canada and enjoys performing at festivals. 



Raisa De Souza has been formally trained in piano since the age of 7 and has achieved her Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music certification. She is currently studying French at York University and broadening her horizons by taking vocal lessons, as she one day aspires to be able to teach that as well. She has a passion for music and appreciation for music of all types and loves working with people. She has been primarily working with young musicians for over a year but hopes to have the opportunity to work with musicians of all ages and add to her wealth of experience.


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